#8 Music and it’s Power

Music has been an integral part of my life since I can remember. 

Looking back it has always been a focus.

One of the few things I can actually focus on.

Music and a good book.

Though I am a horrible musician i.e. I hate practicing. 

That is neither here nor there though.

You may have noticed at the end of last blog the sudden change in determination at the end.

All because I decided to start listening to music while finishing it.

We all have a connection to music.

Sound,the vibrations at the very core of life.

We all have a heartbeat. 

Different beats,different vibrations, and different tempos all speak to us.

Some we like like and some we don’t.

It gives me drive,focus and motivation.

Singing or screaming (since I am a long term metal fan) along to it helps drive anger out of myself and can uplift my spirit. 

Music has aided me throughout my life. Good times and bad times I have found something musically to get me through. 

It has the power to change and inspire us at the very core of our beings.

Which is why I find it so powerful and important to all.



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