#9 No Job,Anxiety, Changes,Uncertainty, Hope.

I got fired from my job yesterday. 

I had been having anxiety revolved around work for weeks. Even before Louie died,more so since.

Yesterday day marked 21 days since my furry life partners death.

The anxiety over the past 3 weeks had been building. 

I had a bad feeling all morning yesterday and it got worse as I walked to work.

Like my gut was telling me 

“Wait the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet.”

Even though I felt a bit dejected as I was let go.

That  anxiety lifted off my shoulders and it was a relief.

A relief.

A new anxiety replaced the old.

When will I find a new job? 

Can I survive until then?

Then new anxiety filled but exciting questions filled my head.

Should I stay here?

Should I pack up and leave before winter sets in?

Advance plans that were meant for next year after my birthday to now?

So many anxiety riddled but exciting questions? 

An uncertain future. 

Not knowing is what makes me anxious. 

Possibilities galore.

New hope and new beginnings. 

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