#12 Update,Stress,Making the Best

Well it’s been a while. 

Sometimes the best ideas don’t work as hoped or planned. 

Been job hunting locally, since things didn’t work out for the big move/disappeance.

Alas,I shall go on and prevail.

Job interview tomorrow,first place to finally call. I am pretty much broke right now,so I kinda need this to work out.

Needless to say the stress has had me depressed a bit and everyday has been an all day panic atattack.

I ‘ll make it though.

 I have no choice.

So it looks like I am staying around here. I still won’t be around much though. Still have to focus on the future.

I did get things worked out with financial aid for school. So it looks like I will be going back after the new year. So that’s a positive note.

So here’s to the future. 

I haven’t given up by a long shot,even though I have had my doubts. 

I just want to be secure and happy. 

This WILL all work out for the positive one way or another. 

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