#17 You Can’t Save Everyone.

This an old lesson. One I learned a very long time ago. That seems to pop up every now and again.

No matter how well intentioned you may be: you can’t save everyone,some don’t realized they need saved and some don’t want to be.

Now for note I am NOT using the term saved in any sort of Christian conversion to Jesus meaning. Solely as a term of genuinely wanting to help someone out for their own benefit because you care.

I am not really talking about addicts though they do count. 

Sometimes no matter how much you want to help,your help is unwanted. Sometimes thrown back in your face. 

I don’t want your help. 

I don’t need your help.

I am fine on my own.

I have been there before. 

Trying to help people in that state will be toxic to your own well being. So sadly you have to let them be and just hope they do better.

Sadly also sometimes the very thing they need saved from is themselves. 

Even some may have help in certain areas in their life such as a therapist,psychiatrist or a religious leader but you as friend see they are still not doing well. Though they think they can handle it. 

I usually step back and hope for the best for them.

Though I wonder if certain questions were asked if it would help matters. 

Or a conversation like this.

“You see a therapist, how’s that working out for you? Because as your friend you don’t seem to be doing to well and I’m concerned.”


“You don’t seem to be too happy with the way your life is. I don’t know what tools you are using but maybe you should try something new.”

I don’t know.

I have been unhappy and unhealthy in a lot of ways.

I wish someone would have said anything like above to me years ago. 

I now do my best to reevaluate what I am doing frequently. Take a step back and see how its been working. 

Example: deciding to go back on one of my antidepressants. Because I had lost some of the control they had given me over my mental state.

Or changing my diet to lose weight. 

Staying open to anything that may help I think is the key for each and every one of us.

Your therapist not really helping anymore, ask for a new one.

Your diet not working time to change it.

Your spiritual practice or lack thereof holding you back time to try something new. 

Go outside your box.

It surprisingly may be the thing that leads you to the happiness you have been seeking all your life .


The Madman WIthout A Cat 

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