#19 Moving, Leveling Up

Pennsylvania will always hold a place in my heart. My birthplace, the land of my forefathers and my roots lie there.

It is not my home anymore. 

Home has a meaning,a feeling to everyone and I just don’t have that for Pennsylvania anymore.

Where am I headed?

I’d rather not say.


I sit on a bus at this moment, rolling across the highways of America. 

Also I am done with the cold weather. 

It is time.

Time to level up.

I don’t know if anyone saw this but someone beat Final Fantasy 15 only being level 1. How? He never used his Experience Points which in this version of FF YOU have to spend them actively they are not automatically applied. 

That is how I feel. I have all this Experience and have never applied any of it.

Now is the time to train,learn new skills and Level Up.

I am moving to a new area with new challenges and experiences.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay in this dungeon so to speak.

It is a new day,a new place and time for a truly new me.

I think to continue the game metaphor for some of us we get complacent, comfortable and scared of leveling up. So accustomed to the way things are. Leveling up is an improvement to who we are. Why should we be scared of it? Leveling up leads to new things,takes away the boredom that we have grown accustomed to.

First step of this leveling for me was sacrifice. I have the bare essentials of a backpack packed with clothing,some toiletries, a few choice books,what I am wearing and that is it. Bare minimum. Treasures so to speak have lost their hold on me.

I am truly taking my life into my own hands,being active about achieving for myself not for others.

Who wants to level up with me?

Not join me physically. 

Who wants to really be alive?

I do.


The Madman WIthout A Cat

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