#28 The Year of 42.

I realized on my birthday that is was not me becoming 41 but actually me COMPLETING/FINISHING 41 years of life. Gaining enough experience to complete level 41 and start progression on level 42.

I am now 17 days into my 42nd year of life.(at the time I began writing this)

And if anyone has read DouglasAdams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy knows 42 is the Ultimate Answer to Life,Universe, and Everything.

As a Dudeist,this makes sense.

42= Don’t Panic/Take It Easy Man

42= I know where my towel is.

42= Abide.

42= Be in the now,it is the only time I to work with. The past doesn’t exit except as a flawed memory in our minds and the future is always becoming the new NOW.

42=I have the collected knowledge of the whole world in my pocket at all times. If I don’t know something I can look it up. Much like the actual Hitchhikers Guide described in the books.

42=If I cannot Abide something but I cannot change it,Abide until I can make the change.

42=I have accepted myself as best as I can.

42=I have chosen/been given a path for my life and I am following it.

42=My path is not for everyone,it is for me. If someone has a similar path and we can vibe with each other cool. If not also cool.

The Year of 42.

It is going to be interesting.

Take it easy pet a cat.

The Reverend Mad Cat Steve.