#29 Failure to Launch

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.

I’m 41,don’t have a college degree (and a ton of debt trying to get one),the longest I have ever held a job is 5 years,I have no savings,I have no wealth,I really haven’t done anything with my life.

I identify with the failure to launch idea. I have so many different interests. That trying to narrow down and focus on just one not only feels impossible,the very idea is terrifying in its own way.

I think for some of us being told as children that we can grow up and be anything we want is just way to many options. Like myself with so many varying degrees of interest,how can you narrow it down. The standard college education format doesn’t really work. There is so much that I would like to study that the given format at the majority of schools for degree progress does not work. I feel that it hinders and holds me back.

I think for others that could be given the label is probably the same reason.

While part of me wants to settle down on a few acres of land and farm just to take care of myself.

The other part of me wants to travel the earth and research and write about music,plants and animals documenting it all. While also creating fictional worlds,stories and music of my own.

How do I create an education that will give me the knowledge and skills to do so without spending a fortune in money I don’t have and a fortune in whatever time I have left on earth and be able to survive?

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