#30 A Year of Adventure and Renewal.

A few days late but better late than never as they say.

I’ve been super busy with work that I just haven’t had a chance to to sit down and write this.

It has been a year since I left my hometown and traveled over a thousand miles to Tampa.

And what a year it has been. I barely worked and had very little money but I managed to have a roof over my head and food in my belly the entire time. There were rough spots here and there in the physical realm and in the mental one but I survived and have thrived.

School went okay,not as well as planned but okay.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people,good people and not so good people over the year.

I’m still transforming into a new person. Still do not know who this new dude is going to be,in the long run. That is the journey that is called life.

I’m reminded of this quote from Mohammed Ali.

“The Man Who Views the World at 50 the Same as He Did at 20 Has Wasted 30 Years of His Life.” Nov 1, 2014

I’ve been in a way the same person since I was a teenager. I have wasted a good portion of my life. The past couple of years have been the most transformative. Most especially since I conquered my suicidal thoughts. Not having that demon whispering in my own mind has been the key to all the change that has happened and is happening with me.

The way of the Dude has been the best change for me. Learning to abide.

Abide all things. Sometimes you have to be a uncool and be a Walter. There are rules man. Otherwise mark it zero and move on to the next frame. The wisdom of abiding is knowing when to be the Dude and when to be Walter.

I’ve had moments with my depression while down here but compared to back in my hometown they were easy. They still sucked but I still made it through.

Now working and living in the same place is cool. Money in my pocket,food in my belly and a roof over my head can’t ask for much more.

Relationship wise I am not involved with anyone nor am I really interested. So I guess I have taken myself off the market.

I am more focused on my path for the future than anything else. I also just think that my way now may not lead to such things.

Mininmalism in all things I don’t own much,don’t need much or want much for myself.

A simple single person home with self sustaining garden is in the plans. I have some designs in my head as to the layout of the building itself but have not drawn them out yet. Well I’m still reaserching what I want to do. The details that I want to include. Location,most definitely some place warm that doesn’t get to cold during winter.

A fellow Dude is setting up the first temple of The Latter-Day Dude in Missouri. I may travel there sometime in the future and abide with some fellow Dudes for a time.

A lot of interesting things on the horizon.

Adventures to be had.

Namaste my brothers and sisters Namaste.

The Reverend Mad Cat Steve

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